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Corporate Benefits Division is an Ontario based multi-disciplinary corporate benefits consulting firm that was born out of frustration, due to the abundance of product sales people and lack of deep value corporate benefit service advisors. We have been providing a variety of consulting services to medium and large organizations for over 10 years.

Corporate Benefits Division has been extremely effective in responding to the specific needs of our clients in light of the escalating costs of providing employee benefits during a time of fiscal restraint and corporate restructuring. This has resulted in the development of individualized benefit plans designed to conform to the unique situations presented by each of our clients. We have successfully arrived at extremely positive client-consultant relationships because of our ability to communicate effectively with clients, insurance carriers, third party administrators and all stakeholders. The fact that our clients retain our services as their consultants year after year is something that we take great pride in.

Supported by our reliable customer service and resource professionals, our main goal is to attract, retain and motivate your employees. The objective is to engineer Your Perfect Plan by implementing proven concepts and true strategies.

Our commitment to continuing professional education in order to stay up-to-date on current trends and developments in the corporate benefits industry is paramount for providing meaningful direction and valid reporting.

Corporate Benefits Division stresses ongoing learning for all of its employees. Accordingly, all of our staff is committed to continuing their professional education The firm requires its employees to work toward becoming accredited through various courses of study and continuing learning.

Mission Statement

Corporate Benefits Division continuously strives to be Canada's premier employee benefits provider. With our insatiable hunger for knowledge we deliver maximum value by constantly improving our services, providing the ultimate experience for our clientele by creating a customized benefits solution while systematically neutralizing hidden liabilities. We aim to be your organizations benefits champion through brokering pertinent information that will increase your knowledge and allow you to recognize your benefits plan as an asset not a liability.

If you require more information or prefer a hard copy of our corporate brochure, please contact support@corporatebenefitsdivision.com, or view our downloadable brochure in PDF here.

The Advantage

1) Proper Plan

We review your current benefit offering, cost sharing arrangements, and review the strengths and weaknesses of your current benefit provider. Through a thorough fact find we will uncover the unique insurance needs of your business to be able to prepare our comprehensive report.

2) Increased Awareness

We present our comprehensive report that reviews your current offering providing you with a thorough understanding of how your plan works and serves your needs. We will identify any gaps that may exist, we also explore non-traditional alternatives (ASO, HCSA'S, Cost Plus, HWT, Retention Accounting) and recommend the best solution to meet your needs, which are tax effective, sustainable for the long term and considers the unique requirements for your business.

3) Annual Best Practices Plan

In addition to analyzing and negotiating your benefit offering annually, our services include a semi-annual review/audit of your company's usage which provides a realistic renewal rate forecasting. Monthly contacts combined with a committed staff, made available to assist you and your employees, is another value added service by Corporate Benefits Division. We are highly committed to regularly keep you informed of how your plan is performing, claims trends, industry trends, new product offering and of any changes to government legislation that may impact your business.

4) Long-Term Cost Perspective

Through long-term strategic benefit planning, we will provide you with a total financial risk analysis and a realistic forecast of an immediate and long-term funding outlook for your existing plan and the recommended perfect plan solution.

5) Liability Neutral

We encounter many employers with hidden liabilities in their programs. We will review your corporate structure, plan design, employee handbook and any implemented corporate precedents. The main purpose of this exercise is to uncover any existing liabilities before they become subject to litigation. Although nobody can eliminate all of your liabilities we're extremely diligent on keeping our clientele as close to Liability Neutral as possible. This is an ongoing process, our firm works hard to keep informed of new legal developments so that we can recommend and implement appropriate strategies to avoid any complications and potential litigation

6) Executive Diagnostics

Talent management is quickly becoming one of the hottest topics in corporate Canada. We regularly encounter plans that are more favorable to middle and lower employees than to executives. Our main goal in this area is to educate you towards reverse discrimination and eliminate it. We look to implement tax efficient and unique strategies to attract, retain and motivate talented individuals in this highly competitive business environment.

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