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Corporate Benefits Division is an Ontario based multi-disciplinary corporate benefits consulting firm that was born out of frustration, due to the abundance of product sales people and lack of deep value corporate benefit service advisors. We have been providing a variety of consulting services to medium and large organizations for over 10 years.

Corporate Benefits Division has been extremely effective in responding to the specific needs of our clients in light of the escalating costs of providing employee benefits during a time of fiscal restraint and corporate restructuring. This has resulted in the development of individualized benefit plans designed to conform to the unique situations presented by each of our clients..


Exclusive online discounts for your employees. Unlike other employee recognition programs, Good Job® rewards all your employees equally, from your front-line staff to your senior-level executives. Good Job® will save you the time and the aggravation of coordinating corporate discounts and consignment deals. 

And as an added value benefit, your company may qualify for  access to the Good Job Program at *little, or in some cases no cost.   Speak with your Corporate Benefits Division Representative for full details. Some conditions may apply.




The foundation of our philosophical framework at Corporate Benefits Division is that our judgment and recommendations are always based on a thorough knowledge of our clients business and the industry in which it operates.


Not Just Another Plan... Your Perfect Plan

Is your business looking for more from your employee benefits plan? Or Thinking about implementing an employee benefits plan? Increasing your awareness, keeping your company as close to liability neutral as possible, working together to achieve a sustainable long term cost perspective combined with a committed team to regularly keep you informed of your plans monthly performance is how you replace your current plan with Your Perfect Plan!


What our Clients have said.

Re: Constant Professionalism

Shade-O-Matic LP and Eclipse Shutters Canada Inc. initiated our business relationship with
Corporate Benefits Division in 2011. Throughout the renewals and carrier changes, we were
impressed with the reduction in costs and additional programs our employees could use outside of their Health plan. The openness, knowledge and sincerity that are communicated throughout the CBD organization exemplify the characteristics required for organizations to be successful.

I would like to congratulate Luca and Vito on the amazing work they have done thus far and look forward to their future contributions within the industry.

I began working with Vito Curalli and his team of corporate benefit professionals at Corporate Benefits Division in February of 2011. After an intensive screening process Vito and his team were selected based on their demonstrated understanding of our company and their passion towards looking after the interests of the client first and foremost.

Their hands-on approach ensures that the business is understood, risks are identified and expectations are understood before approaching the benefits market.

I believe that the approach used by Corporate Benefits Division is very unique and has achieved outstanding results in the form of substantial cost savings and very significant program improvements. In addition, Corporate Benefits Division has provided excellent ongoing advice, and recommendations that have resulted in the implementation of other important cost reducing strategies and tactics.

I am very pleased with the results achieved by Corporate Benefits Division and have no hesitation in recommending them to any prospects that are focused on ensuring that their corporate benefits program needs are met in the most professional and cost effective manner possible.

I am writing this letter to share with you my experience with Corporate Benefits Division. We have been dealing with Corporate Benefits Division since August 2008 after a very long relationship, spanning over 25 years, with another broker. We had no intention of changing companies, however after numerous phone calls from Vito and Luca, they convinced us (which is not an easy thing to do) to hear them out. Once we heard their proposal we were convinced Corporate Benefits Division could really help us out with things like tedious paperwork, staff questions/concerns and most importantly with the negotiations with the insurance companies. In all the years that we dealt with the previous broker we never received the attention we receive from Corporate Benefits Division. In the past, our old broker would approach us just prior to our contract expiring, with an increased rate and little time to pay attention to any areas that required adjustments. We would not see them again until the next year. This is not the case with Corporate Benefits, they contact us monthly to ensure everything is ok, they give us a mid-year analysis of our current year’s expenditures to make us aware of where we are with our health and dental expenses.

Corporate Benefits Division does not only handle our benefits plan, but they are always negotiating with well known vendors to offer us superb discounts through their Good Job Program. They are always looking for new ways to save us money and provide us with excellent service.

We receive approximately 5 – 6 calls a week from companies wanting to provide us with rate quotations. We are not interested in changing because we feel that there is no company that is going to provide us with the attention to detail and personalized service we currently receive and very much appreciate from Corporate Benefits Division.

I am recommending Corporate Benefits Division to any business looking to improve their benefits plan and save money at the same time.

We have been dealing with Corporate Benefits Division for many years now and I absolutely wouldn’t consider dealing with any other company. They deliver on everything they promise!!

They take the time to get to know your company and respect your needs. They always have our best interest at heart to ensure we get the best rates possible but they are also well respected by the Insurance providers. They are unparalleled in their communication and follow up, from employee updates, employee meetings to monthly monitoring. I value their advice drawn from their many years experience in the industry but also their ability to make it make sense to me.

In their desire for value added benefits, they have made available the “Good Job” program which essentially offers discounted tickets and services to our employees. A welcome bonus!
Bottom line …. they deliver the best customer service and manage to treat you like family in the process …. recipe for successful relationship!

From my very first meeting with Corporate Benefits Division, it was clear that this team demonstrates a clear understanding of their clients’ needs and the industries in which they operate.

Working with Corporate Benefits Division has been refreshing and very satisfying. Their new age, hands on approach exceeded all of my expectations. They assist me in ensuring that the plan is always up to date, that the billing and claims are always audited, in understanding the current performance and what to expect at my renewal. They delivered on their promise, to be a perfect extension of my HR.

Since making the switch to Corporate Benefits Division we have experienced an improved benefit and service offering. Through their Good Job discount program, all of us get to enjoy the cities best offers at a group discount. This program has been used by many of my staff and the response has always been positive. I am very pleased to finally have a benefit that is appreciated and doesn’t attribute to annual increases in premium. Corporate Benefits Division truly understands employee benefits and how to attract, retain and motivate my staff.

I am pleased with the results achieved thus far and I recommend them with enthusiasm and encourage any company to explore them as their consultant of choice.

Our company had just finished its first year with a new carrier and was facing a huge increase in premiums at renewal. The increase in premiums would have been too difficult to pass on to our employees.

Our previous insurance broker, at the time, had approached several other companies in an effort to reduce the increase but came up empty at each turn.

I had been in conversation with both Vito and Luca Curalli of Corporate Benefits Division but had always resisted switching brokers because of my long association with my previous insurance broker.

Before meeting with Vito Curalli I was very skeptical about what Corporate Benefits Division was promising to do for us. It turns out that this would be one of the most important meetings and one of the best business decisions I had ever made.

As a result of their efforts, we were able to reduce our premiums and improve our benefit package. The plan administration was simplified to the point that the company does very little work. Luca Curalli goes the extra distance to communicate personally with any employee that may have the slightest concern or problem about their insurance and Vito Curalli is always hunting down new and improved products for us.

These guys delivered what they promised and will be my choice of brokers from now on.

Thank you for taking the time to show me how the new ADMIN XS reporting program works.  This is an excellent addition to the services CBD provides!

Keep up the good work!

I am the Senior Manager of Mancuso Paving Limited. I have several duties that fall under my job description including Benefits Administration. So when I received my initial phone call from Luca of Corporate Benefits Division to explain how he can benefit our company, was more than glad to entertain his conversation.

Luca and Vito strive for customer satisfaction and maintain close communication with their clients. From their monthly phone calls checking in for personnel changes to weekly emails to let me know of any new and exciting programs that are being offered.

They have always gone above and beyond; they are always there to answer any questions we may have and prompt to address any concerns. And what is best of all is that they always answer their phone. There is no automated machine telling me to hold. There is no call center employee who is dreading their next call. It is evident they take pride in what they do and it is always a pleasure to talk to either one of them and I am very grateful I don’t have to deal with those large insurance companies where I am just a number.

I thank you for making my job less hectic.

Since the inception of our relationship with Corporate Benefits Division, we have been confident that we offer our staff competitive and relevant benefits. But more importantly, Corporate Benefits Division have provided our team with the support and understanding needed to maximize those benefits – as individuals and as a collective staff.

From an administrative perspective, I can count on Corporate Benefits Division to ensure that my incoming and outgoing staff’s records are current and accurately completed. I know that any questions, that I or my staff have, are answered in thorough and timely manner. The sense of personal service that they offer adds an immeasurable value above and beyond the product they are able to deliver.

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your staff for your outstanding work with our company. You are always available to our employees and us. Your responses are quick and thorough an your entire staff is genuinely caring and polite.

I appreciate your attention to details and trying to save us money while maximizing our benefits. I also like that you are always striving to better your offerings. Just “good enough” is not, good enough for you!

It has been very easy for me to refer you and your company to my friends and clients.  I thank you for your hard work, especially with respect to taking  care of my employees’ needs and individual concerns.

I look forward to our continued work together.

“Good Job!!”

Kristus Darzs Latvian Home has been working with Corporate Benefits since March 2009. We are a charitable not for profit long term care facility and appreciate the attention and understanding the staff at Corporate Benefits have for our needs. They are original in their approach and prompt with service and information. Probably one of the greatest attributes of this company is the outstanding customer service they provide.

I am writing to thank you and your staff for the exemplary service you provide.

I assumed the responsibility of administering our group benefits program, without any previous experience in this field.

Over these past 18 months of dealing with your company I have not only acquired a knowledge base of group benefits but a comfort level in administering the program.

I can always count on a prompt response to questions, and willingness to go above and beyond in assisting with situations that arise.

In today’s competitive economic climate, where customer service can be the deciding factor in choosing vendors, you have our vote hands down.

Keep up the good work!

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